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  • June 25, 2020 -- "Artemisia Annua Could Be Promising Treatment for COVID-19" -- University of Kentucky
  • May 19, 2020 -- "Artemisia Annua: Trials are needed for COVID-19" -- in Wiley Online Library
  • October 22, 2020 -- "Camostat and Artemisia Annua vs Placebo in COVID-19 Outpatients" -- in U.S. National Library of Medicine
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  • Photos of plantings of Artemisia Annua
    Click on a photo to view it at full size

    A field of Artemisia Annua
    in West Virginia
    Our planting in Zimbabwe 
    Our first planting in Zimbabwe
    Our planting in Zimbabwe 
    Our first mature plant
    Our planting in Zimbabwe 
    Our harvest of Artemisia Annua

    Photos of construction our clinic in Leonah, Zimbabwe
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    BABF Leonah roof 1.JPG 
    BABF Leonah roof 2.JPG 
    BABF Leonah roofing 10 Bldg 1 and 2.JPG 
    BABF Leonah roofing 11 inside.JPG 
    BABF Leonah roofing 12 Village Head.JPG 
    BABF Leonah roofing 13 Village Head's Badge.JPG 
    BABF Leonah roofing 3 sheets.JPG 
    BABF Leonah roofing 4 Jonathan and Jonas.JPG 
    BABF Leonah roofing 5 inside.JPG 
    BABF Leonah roofing 6 windows.JPG 
    BABF Leonah roofing 7.JPG 
    BABF Leonah roofing 8 bathrooms.JPG 
    BABF Leonah roofing 9 Veranda.JPG